See a Provider from the convenience of your home

  • First, call the office at (803) 945-7475 to schedule your virtual visit.

  • Shortly before your visit, you will receive a text message or email (your preference) with a link that will direct you to the Telehealth CGM ELVI webpage.

  • Login with Access Code: Enter your full name, access code (code included in your text or email), accept usage terms, and click start session.

  • You will now be in the waiting room of your provider. Once the provider accepts your visit request, you will receive a phone or video call to begin your Telehealth visit.



















Virtual visits are filed to your insurance company similar to a regular office visit. Any costs your insurance company does not cover will reflect as a patient balance on your next statement. You may contact your insurance provider for specific details about your coverage.

Virtual visit helpful tips

  • CGM ELVI works best with Google Chrome when connecting through a personal computer or laptop (must have a webcam for this option).

  • When accessing Telehealth through your smartphone, be sure to enable video and microphone access when prompted.

  • If you are unable to hear or see your provider, you may utilize the chat feature located on the right side of your screen to alert them of any issues.

  • It is important to have a strong wireless connection and minimal background noise in order for the provider to see and hear you clearly.

  • When your visit is complete make sure to “Logoff” the webpage.

We are here to help

Call us at (803) 945-7475 if you have any questions or concerns.


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